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Product Info

Allergy Information

Because Arnel’s Originals baking mixes are blended in an allergy friendly, certified gluten free facility, there is no need to worry about cross contamination with the 9 most common allergens.

Buckwheat Bread Mix - 100% organic

All Purpose Flour and Pie Crust Mix - 100% organic

Pancake and Waffle Mix - 100% organic

Make-a-Cake, your way Mix - 100% organic

Pizza Crust Mix - 100% organic


Soy – no soy in any of our mixes

Dairy – no dairy is used in any of our mixes (not lactose, casein, or whey)

Egg – None of our mixes contain eggs and we recommend making a “flax gel” as an egg substitute or using 1/4 cup of thick cooked bean water. (FLAX GEL – Mix 1 Tablespoon of flax meal with three Tablespoons of hot water and let it stand on the counter for about 10 minutes. It will get thick and slippery like an egg and can be substituted for one egg.)
*Side note – The egg substitute of choice for the bread the 1/4 cup of cooked bean water. 

Potato – Our Pancake Mix, Pizza Crust Mix, and Cake Mix are the three to choose for those with potato allergies.

Tree Nuts/ Peanuts – None of our mixes contain any nuts and are produced in a peanut nut-free facility.

Corn – only our Pancake Mix contains .007 of 1 % of non-GMO cornstarch, which is in the baking powder.

Sugar – We use a small amount of Organic Evaporated Cane Juice in two of our mixes (Buckwheat Bread and All Purpose Flour) and NO sweetener in our Pancake Mix, our Pizza Crust Mix, or our Cake Mix. Our cake mix makes any flavor cake and allows you to sweeten it any way you’d like.

ALL of our mixes are VEGAN, KOSHER and certified GLUTEN FREE, ORGANIC, and non-GMO project verified.