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arnel's Originals for retailers

Arnels Originals For Retailer Stores

We at Arnel’s Originals make it real easy for retail establishments across the country to carry our wonderful baking mixes, which are certified GLUTEN FREE, ORGANIC, KOSHER and non-GMO project verified. They are all blended in a peanut-free facility and contain no Dairy, Soy, or Corn (Pancake Mix has .007 % cornstarch in the baking powder.) Each of our mixes, Buckwheat Bread, All Purpose Flour & Pie Crust, Pancake & Waffle, Pizza Crust, and an amazing moist Make-a-Cake, your way Mix, are available in smaller retail sizes or 5 pound bulk bags.

Customer service is paramount so whether you represent a large chain of stores that typically buy pallets, a medium sized business, or a unique neighborhood store with a very modest order, we are at your service.

We currently offer two paths for distribution:

Direct Distribution – We will ship directly to your location and pass on the savings for the most economical rates we can find. Typically we use flat rate or regional rate shipping boxes through the US Post Office or UPS. You are also welcome to send your own shipping label from the shipping company of your choice. We will recommend the most economical number of units that fit in each box to maximize your savings.

Contact us at Arnels@ArnelsOriginals.com for a quote.


Azure Standard – A large distribution company that provides truck deliveries to 36 states, from the Midwest, to California, and the Deep South to our northern most borders. There are no deliveries in Florida, or any east coast states north of the Carolinas. Azure Standard is the company of choice for the smaller retail establishments and Mom’s Buying Clubs throughout the US.

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Contact us for a quote at Arnels@ArnelsOriginals.com or 805-322-6900

We promise to make it real easy.